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Our School

Sacred Heart Croydon

Sacred Heart School began in 1993 as an amalgamation of St Edmund’s School, Croydon and St Francis De Sales School, East Ringwood. It was established as part of the newly formed parish of Sacred Heart, Croydon. The site was formerly the Monastery of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart which opened in 1939.


The school enrollment is approximately 485. The student population is drawn mainly from Sacred Heart Parish. The Catholic enrolment of the school is close to the target set by the Archdiocese of Melbourne. 


Sacred Heart has a diverse student population, with 14.5% of students from language backgrounds other than English. The staff consists of 57 members, including teachers, learning support officers, administration and ground staff.


In 2023, Sacred Heart will celebrate 30 years of education.

Our Spaces

Sacred Heart is fortunate to be located atop Monastery Hill. The site is shared with Sacred Heart Parish, with the Church proudly revealing itself as you make your way up Monastery Drive. 


Students have access to extensive outdoor spaces and facilities. The oval, basketball courts, playgrounds, sandpits and decking areas provide a variety of options and opportunities for each child to play and engage with their peers. 


Since 2011, Sacred Heart’s learning spaces have undergone significant upgrades. New F-2 facilities were completed in 2012 in addition to an administration building. In 2018, the Year 3-6 cohort moved into a new building that offers 12 flexible learning spaces.


These contemporary learning spaces provide utility for teaching and learning. There are a range of open, closed and shared areas that can help meet the needs of the community. 


Sacred Heart also consists of dedicated specialist learning spaces that provide an immersive experience of students. Additionally, the Multi-Purpose Hall is a valuable asset in facilitating whole-school and community events.


Our Parish

Sacred Heart, Croydon, is a Catholic Parish Primary school with rich traditions that link back to St Edmund’s, Croydon, St Francis De Sales, Ringwood East. It was originally owned by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and was opened by Archbishop Mannix in April, 1939.  The Parish Church is an amazing example of a recontextualised space that honours the original Church and opens to a space that looks out to the beautiful gardens showing God’s Creation.


Originally, the Monastery functioned as a centre for seminary studies. The complex included a chapel, library, cloisters, classrooms, refectory, kitchens and domestic offices. Accommodation was provided for 65 students, 10 priests and several lay brothers.


After almost 50 years, at the end of 1985, the location for seminary studies was moved to Drummoyne, Sydney.

In 1991 the monastery and a surrounding parcel of 5 hectares of land was sold to the Archdiocese of Melbourne to serve as the parish centre of Croydon and East Ringwood. In 1993 the new parish of Sacred Heart, Croydon, was established using the monastery and chapel as its centre of worship and community activities.


The original chapel was extended in 2000 to handle the greater number of people attending Mass from the merged Croydon and East Ringwood parishes. It now seats 500.


Our Class Structure

Sacred Heart primarily utilises a composite class structure. As of 2023, there are 20 class groups with student class numbers averaging in the low 20s.

The current Class Structure at Sacred Heart consists of:

  • 3 x Foundation Classes

  • 6 x Year 1/2 Classes

  • 6 x Year 3/4 Classes

  • 5 x 5/6 Classes

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